“Dom’s engaging talk to our community of entrepreneurs left everyone with valuable material and actionable items on how to take your company to the next level. His talk was very straight forward, educational, and filled with relatable stories that resonated with the audience.”

- Casey Herrington
Savannah Community Organizer - 1 Million Cups

“Dominick’s strategy sessions were amazing. Through his process we developed a powerful value proposition that articulates our unique selling position, attracts more of our ideal customers, and has become the foundation for our marketing and sales campaign. The structured steps and execution plan he provided has not only helped us hit early milestones, but has unveiled unlimited opportunities for Airemos Corp. We are now anticipating revenue growth in excess of 400%+ due to his great work.”

- Ryan Pirkle

“I knew my business needed a serious and honest review to prepare for a successful 2nd year. Dominick and I sat down and he asked critical questions about my business that I’ve never been asked before. He was able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my business and help me develop a strategy to improve where I most needed it. I regularly refer to his analysis report and use it to measure my progress. Looking back, I greatly appreciate his SWOT Analysis process, and what his findings have meant to my business. He has saved me time, and his results were above and beyond what I initially expected. Working with Dominick has definitely been a great investment in my business and completely worth it! ”

- Kristen Baird
Kristen Baird Designs

“I was fortunate to be introduced to Dominick by a mutual friend and from the beginning he was a tremendous help. As my consultant, he was not afraid to ask the tough questions, which are sometimes lost when running day to day operations. He helped me develop my business strategy, provided professional contacts, and assisted in addressing and solving an important problem, all in a professional, clear, and concise manner. While experience and professionalism are necessary attributes in any consultant, Dominick displayed those plus was very flexible with his time, being available by email, attending meetings, or just acting as a soundboard. I would recommend his services to any business owner.”

- Jennifer Bell
Owner - Shop843

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dominick for 5 years. In that time, he taught me how to effectively lead and manage a sales force, as well as control inventory for a 6 million dollar business. He demonstrated daily the importance of communication, leadership, and the knowledge required to efficiently run operations for a multi-million dollar company. Dominick will always be my friend and mentor, and I would highly recommend him as a consultant for any business.

- Chris Savikas
Integrated Spine, Inc.

Dominick’s knowledge and service was invaluable as he helped me with the formation of my business. He showed me how to take my idea for a medical device from conception to a viable product, and in the end he was instrumental in getting my technology acquired by the best possible manufacturer. From start-up to exit, Dominick was there to help me get the job done.

- Derek J. Thomas, MD
Monarch Innovations

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