• Professional Competence
    Confident Endeavors shall only accept consulting engagements for which we can reasonably expect to complete with a high degree of competence within the timeframe agreed to with our client. If we do not have the competence and confidence to undertake an engagement when first presented with an opportunity for consultation services, we will seek to gain such competence through additional research and studies before accepting such engagement.
  • Due Professional Care
    Confident Endeavors shall conduct all engagements with due professional care, attention to detail, and follow-up when necessary.
  • Understanding and Communication with Clients
    Confident Endeavors shall clearly communicate with our client, orally or in writing, the scope of work to be performed, the work plan, and responsibilities of each party in completing the consulting engagement.
  • Continuing Education
    Confident Endeavors shall maintain professional competence by remaining current on matters relating to small business consulting.
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