In today’s rapidly changing business environment companies need to respond quickly and efficiently. This is particularly true when a company must fill a vacancy in a leadership position. Recruiting the right executive can be a six to seven month process, which can threaten a company’s stability and profitability. Interim Leadership is most often not planned for, but instead is needed when an organizational change arises unexpectedly and creates a void in management. To address this challenge, an increasing number of companies are turning to interim executive level managers as an immediate cost effective solution. A skilled interim leader can play a unique role in positioning the incoming executive for success. Our Interim Executive Level Management service can help with a variety of short-term needs at various stages of organizational development including:

  • Fill a transitional leadership void
  • Manage a key strategic project
  • Work with a departing executive/founder
  • Set up sustainable processes and business systems 
  • Launch a new initiative or program area
  • Round out a leadership team or initiative
  • Provide an unbiased situation assessment/assist with planning
  • Lead and resolve a crisis
  • Drive a merger or acquisition
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